After reading Shapes in my World, students traced and cut out shapes to create shape collages.



Children made the "Kindergarten is Falling into Fall" display using ripped construction paper, brown paint and their handprints.



To create the “December De-Lights Us” board the children painted presents using Do-a-Dot paint bottles and glued bows and gift tags on to them. Each of the lights that the elves are holding has a student’s name written on it surrounded by glitter.

Another year I used the same elves but used "Holiday Gifts in Swirls of Color Bring Joy to One Another" as my heading. The children splatter painted their gifts by placing dabs of paint on paper, folding it in half, and then opening it to create a blot painting effect.



Children created 2-3 shape and color patterns on bells for the "Ringing in the New year with Patterns" display.


The "Kindergarten is Ringing in the New Year" contains a large bell listing students' New Year resolutions and horns with New Year poems and sequins glued on them.



Children painted their handprints and ways they can be peaceful for the "We're Giving Peace a Hand" display.



Children cut out heart balloons and decorated them with heart foamies and heart sequins for our "Love Is In The Air" board.

Above is an upclose image of a heart balloon.



Kindergarten & Pre-K students painted hearts on day 1. On day 2, they cut them out & decorated them with hand drawn eyes, foam noses, tinfoil cheeks, and pipecleaner antennae.



Each pupil was given an egg pattern to decorate at home for the "Egg-stra Special Students" bulletin board.



Children created nests using paperbags, bird head and beak patterns, and brown string and twigs.



We created this Spring bulletin board by making footprint rabbits.


Students wrote their bear’s names, what they like to eat, and what they like to play inside their bear books. They colored the outside of the books and glued pom pom noses on

their bears.




As part of our "Land Before Time" unit students created dinosaur dioramas using shoeboxes, paint, dinosaur stencils, glitter, and cottonballs.